Simone Wenzel
  Passion: Rhythm-Guitar, Gesang
Sign: Cancer 


Favorite Songs: Hollow (Morgana Lefay), Let it Rise (Schiller & Midge Ure)
Favorite Albums: Lost (Carpark North), Dead Heart in a Dead World (Nevermore)

Simone’s first musical steps, like those of many other children, took place in grammar school where she played recorder and piano and sang in youth choirs. By age 12, after having listened to her uncle’s Judas Priest album ‘Metal Works’, Simone became intrigued with the sound of guitar and this seeded her childhood dream to become a professional metal guitar player and perform on big stages. A ‘Bravo’ poster of guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen and his album ‘Rising Force’ intensified her dream to the point where she bought her first guitar and amplifier at age 14 and began playing in a disciplined, self-taught fashion. By age 15, she joined her first band, Misfit, in which she played for nine years.

In 2005, Simone toured with and ultimately joined the German metal band ‘Rebellion’ (founded by the two Ex-‘Gravedigger’ members Uwe Lulis and Tomi Göttlich) after having filled in for the band’s rhythm guitarist, who became too ill to perform on the ‘Sagas of Iceland’ tour. The following five years brought two albums (‘Miklagard’ [2007] and ‘Arise – From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök’ [2009]), one EP (The Clans are Marching [2009]) along with performances at numerous concerts and festivals.

After a detour into the realms of a rock/pop project with Maria Huehn, Simone and Maria inaugurated an alternative hard rock project in Spring 2012, which only by Summer 2012, after the induction of singer Diana Nagel and drummer Nikke Blout, became Revolution Eve.

Rhythm guitar is Simone’s passion and her influences include Uwe Lulis, Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Gary Moore and the Swedes Morgana Lefay. When listening to music or writing songs, Simone stays open to all genres and styles, from death metal to techno, even all the way to country.

Band History:
– Misfit (Heavy Rock)
– Rebellion (Power Metal)
– Vernissage (Pop/Rock)
– Black Thunder Ladies (AC/DC Tribute Band Back-up)
– Ally the Fiddle (als Tour Back-up)
– Holy Moses (Live Gitarrist)
The Band:





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