Conny Marschall

Passion: Bass
Sign: Taurus
Favorite Song: Next To You (The Police)
Favorite Album: Powerage (AC/DC) 



“Here is the band. This is a bass guitar – the instrument you are going to play now.” These words from a friend made Conny put aside her cello at the age of 12. Instead of orchestra and chamber music, she entered the stage in the name of rock and pop at this tender young age. Little Conny performed in her first band for eight years. Later she became a founding member of the all-female AC/DC tribute band known under the names of “Hells Belles” 2002-2004, “B9 To Hell” since 2004, “BACK:N:BLACK” (CH) 2010-2012. Since 2008, Conny is the bass player and composer of Kitschconsoul, and since 2011 side manager of the Brainbogs. Know to be “groove-proof”, Conny is the storm-raged and forceful bass factor among the gals of Revolution Eve.

– Hells Belles (AC/DC Tribute)
– B9 To Hell (AC/DC Tribute)
– Kitschconsoul (Electro Pop)
– BACK:N:BLACK (AC/DC Tribute)
– Brainbogs (Heavy Rock)
– Ruff Stuff (AC/DC Tribute; as Back-Up)

The Band:




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