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Words cannot describe how amazing this night was for us!! Thank you @evanescenceofficial, thank you @jen_majura, the Popodium crew, thank you everyone!!!! See you in Eindhoven 09/23/17!
17.06.2017 08:32 pm
Evanescence, Female Metal Event - FEMME Friedensfestival Iserlohn and many more ....
07.06.2017 11:48 am
Dear ReVers!
We are happy to confim, that we will be also playing Cologne together with the mighty Evanescence. We feel so blessed to play with Evanescence on their only show in Germany!!
#evanescence #revolutioneve #livemusic #dreamscomtrue
31.05.2017 03:16 pm
28.05.2017 03:17 pm
Revolution Eve will be joining the mighty Evanescence for a few shows on the European leg of their tour!! Who said dreams can't come true?!? :-) First Stop: Tilburg, NL! #evanescence #revolutioneve #livemusic
25.05.2017 12:23 pm
Wow, our new music video was also featured in the german "Rock Hard" and the austrian "Stormbringer" magazin....that´s cool :-)
17.05.2017 12:37 pm
Today we are VERY proud to show you one of our most devoted fans. Meet "Anton". Don´t we just have the BEST fans in the world? :-)))🤘🤘🤘🤘
14.05.2017 09:29 am
More great news!

Revolution Eve is happy to announce that we teamed up with "Nauntown Music" to build a great foundation for a better tomorrow! :-) We are very happy to be working with Frank and the gals and guys!

More Information:
02.05.2017 06:07 pm
Geiles Wetter, Leute in Partystimmung und hammer Bands in Spiellaune. Was braucht man mehr? Kommune2010, wir sagen DANKE!!
01.05.2017 11:28 am
Nicht vergessen! Am Sonntag rocken wir ab 23 Uhr die Kommune. Paaarty!!! :-)
26.04.2017 12:38 pm
Ein weiteres schönes Review von unserem Gig im "Rind" mit "Pilots not Flying" und "Far or Near" :-)
23.04.2017 09:29 am
Dear ReVers. Here is the direct link to our new Video "The Girl With the Candlebox". Have fun!
20.04.2017 11:20 am
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