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Only two more weeks!! Finally! We are SO happy to be back on stage and meet the amazing guys of Blind Ego @ Das Rind!
This is going to be AWSOOOOOMEEEE! :-)
13.04.2018 12:05 pm
So here it is! Let´s start the day with some pretty knock out!

Filmed on Location in Tilburg, Einhoven and Cologne. Yeeehaa! :-)
14.02.2018 08:50 am
New live video this wednesday! 🤟
12.02.2018 04:48 pm
German only:

Bad news! Wir müssen leider das Konzert morgen beim "Metal Forge" krankheitsbedingt absagen!

Glaubt uns, wir sind genauso frustriert wie ihr. Wir haben noch nie zuvor einen Gig absagen müssen. Aber es bringt einfach nichts, wenn zwei Bandmitglieder mit Grippe und 39 Fieber im Bett liegen. Wir haben bis zu letzt versucht einen Weg zu finden, aber leider, leider gibts keinen anderen Weg. Die Gesundheit muss immer an der ersten Stelle stehen!

Wir wünschen Euch aber trotzdem viel Spass mit den anderen Bands, lasst es krachen!

02.02.2018 06:39 pm
First Gig of the year! Don‘t miss this fantastic meeting!!!
13.01.2018 05:54 pm
Happy new year from Revolution Eve! :-)
02.01.2018 01:13 pm
Bild: Petra Kaiser, dankee!!
17.12.2017 04:47 pm
Season's greetings from Revolution Eve! We wish you and all of your friends and families a wonderful Christmas time. Diana Nagel, Simone Wenzel and Maria Kimberly Huehn were invited by Die Kammer to join them performing their song "Hither and Thither" unplugged. Enjoy!
04.12.2017 10:01 am
Hello ReVers!
Maria sat down with Lilo Hegt from HeadBangers LifeStyle to talk about Revolution Eve´s past, present and future. We hope you have fun reading the interview!
29.11.2017 08:46 am
Dear ReVers!
We had the honor to talk to Floh from Darc Arts about life and all the rest (german only, sorry).
That was a really funny interview....secrets revealed ....;-)

Have fun!
22.11.2017 08:25 am
Better late than never! Thank you so much for the warm welcome in Orschel! Also thanks to Ian and Isle of Lucy! A night to remember.
13.11.2017 09:46 am
Hello Revers!
Wanna know, what happens before a show? We can help you out! Have a look at one of our typical days. These are shots from our way to "Poppodium 013" in Tilburg/Neterlands.

And don´t forget! We will play "Oberursel" with the Allmighty @Isleoflucy this Friday! Doors is 7.30 p.m.!

PS: If the link below does not work use this one:
07.11.2017 09:47 am
Snippet: At Echo´s End // PandoraSnip
  1. Snippet: At Echo´s End // PandoraSnip
  2. Snippet: Divide by Zero // PandoraSnip
  3. Snippet: Perfect Bitch // PandoraSnip
  4. Snippet: Pretty Knock Out // PandoraSnip
  5. Snippet: Among the Living // PandoraSnip
  6. Snippet: The Girl with the Candlebox // PandoraSnip
  7. Snippet: Everything // PandoraSnip