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Less than a week! Female Metal Event - FEMME will be a blast! We will be playing on saturday right after Delain at 11.20 p.m.

We have so many wonderful memories from the gig in Tilburg/NL on the Evanescence show, that we decided to share a video as a "Warm Up" to our show on saturday!

You were there? Maybe you can spot yourself! Have fun!
18.09.2017 01:58 pm
Ohh oh oh oooh! That rawkd :-)
17.09.2017 09:18 pm
Hello Revers! Only one more week till the Female Metal Event - FEMME! Would you like to say "hi!" to us? Have a quick talk, or make a photo? No Problem! Visit us at the "Painted Bass Record Stand" at 8.30 p.m. on saturday! We are happy to see you! :-)
15.09.2017 08:56 am
Revolution Eve added a new photo.
02.09.2017 10:44 pm
"Girl With The Candlebox" - Live @ Palladium, Cologne.

As promised, here is the first of some videos, that were shot during our concerts with the mighty Evanescence. This clip shows the amazing crowd that we had. You were GREAT!

You were there? Maybe you can spot yourself! Have fun! :-)
30.08.2017 05:58 pm
What a great month lies ahead of us. Three wonderful gigs:

02.09.: Rock im Wald/Ramesfein
17.09. Caktuszelt/Gross Umstadt
23.09.: FemMe Eindhoven/NL

And last, but not least, we will be posting some great livevideos from our concerts with Evanescence @ Palladium Cologne. Starting this Wednesday 7 p.m. CET.

Photo (c) Stefan Schumann
29.08.2017 09:20 am
Support your local scene! We are happy to be part of the "Metal Aschaffenburg Sampler". Here is a nice review of the album (german only). Have fun!
17.08.2017 09:06 am
Wonderful Review and pictures of our concert in Cologne with Evanescence (german only). Check it out!
20.07.2017 08:50 am
So many great pictures from the Tour! Here you can find just a small amout of all the great shots! The gallery links and photographers name are always mentioned below the photos. Did you do photos yourself? Post them here! We are happy to see them! :-)
16.07.2017 12:13 pm
What a ride!! That was a one in a lifetime event!! Thank you, cologne, thank you Evanescence, Jen Majura, Amy Lee, the crew and everybody involved to make a dream happen! See you on the road!!
#evanescence #revolutioneve
10.07.2017 01:35 pm
See you tomorrow :-)
08.07.2017 07:36 pm
What a wonderful night! Thank you to everyone that came! Tomorrow we will join #evanescence again in Cologne.
08.07.2017 03:45 pm
Dear ReVers!
What a great week lies ahead of us! On Friday we will be playing the "Friedensfest" in Iserlohn/Germany. And just two days later we will be joining Evanescence again for their final tour concert in Cologne/Germany. We are SO looking forward to a wonderful weekend of Rock´n´Roll! Hope to see you there!

Photo: (c) KIIK Photography
03.07.2017 09:00 am
Wonderful review and pictures from our gig with Evanescence at 013 in Tilburg last week (dutch only):

Photo (c) Sven de Mol
29.06.2017 09:38 am
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