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Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 19 September 2016, 10:17
"Among the Living" Live @ Colos Saal 2016
Some of you were asking us about the great animations, that were running in the background at our Gig at Colos-Saal. Also for all of you that could not join the madness, here is "Among the Living" from our Gig!

Thanks alot to Juan José from "Ojovivo" for the permission to use his amazing work! You can find him here:

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 10 September 2016, 08:22
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Today: Revolution Eve Spotting! We have the cooolest fans in the world!! :-)

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 08 September 2016, 13:20
RE Live at Colossaal 09.2016
Great shots from our Gig last week! With more to come!
Fotos Hans-W. Rock
Revolution Eve added 15 new photos to the album: RE Live at Colossaal 09.2016 — with Simone Wenzel and 2 others.

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 04 September 2016, 13:10
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Ein würdiger Abschluss für eine wunderbare Zeit in Bad Homburg. Mit neuen und alten Freunden. Wir danken euch allen! Danke an the incredible Iron Guns und PZZL.

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 02 September 2016, 23:12
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Das war COLOS - SAAAAAL :-)
Dankedankedankedanke :-)

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 02 September 2016, 17:43
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Update!!! Wir spielen schon an 20.15 Uhr heute, dafür aber länger! :-)))

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