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Hello ReVers!

As you all might now, Revolution Eve is famous for their flawless, well timed perfomance on stage. So to help younger bands out, we just made our first "tutorial" in perfect stage acting! :-)

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19.02.2017 04:00 pm
Dear ReVers!

There is alot going on behind the curtain, that we can not put on the page right now, but there are some NICE Gigs coming up this year! More to be posted soon!

For our German visitors:
Wir sind glücklich nun die dritte Band benennen zu können, die mit uns am 31.03. im "Rind" in Rüsselsheim neben den unglaublichen "Far or Near" die Bühne teilen wird. "Pilots not Flying" wird euch gehörig einheizen!

Wir freuen uns MEGA auf das Konzert!

Mehr Infos gibts hier:

Far Or Near:
Pilots not Flying:
26.01.2017 12:34 pm
(c) Katja und Bernd Hofmann
12.01.2017 09:11 am
Dear ReVers!
Wow, what a year. So much has happened. Our first Album "Pandora" was released, we made a new Video, had lots of gigs and met so many new friends on and off stage. As this year comes to an end, we´d like to say thank you! The next year has lots to offer for everyone of us, and so we wish, that all of your dreams will come true. See you in 2017!

03.12.2016 02:44 pm
Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg 2016
(c) Oliver Haremsa
20.10.2016 01:11 pm
Today we share with you one of the songs we love so much: "Charly Big Potato" from the mighty Skunk Anansie. We just love to perform this song live. Have fun!
04.10.2016 02:31 pm
Some of you were asking us about the great animations, that were running in the background at our Gig at Colos-Saal. Also for all of you that could not join the madness, here is "Among the Living" from our Gig!

Thanks alot to Juan José from "Ojovivo" for the permission to use his amazing work! You can find him here:
19.09.2016 09:17 am
Today: Revolution Eve Spotting! We have the cooolest fans in the world!! :-)
10.09.2016 07:22 am
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