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First Gig of the year! Don‘t miss this fantastic meeting!!!
13.01.2018 05:54 pm
Happy new year from Revolution Eve! :-)
02.01.2018 01:13 pm
Bild: Petra Kaiser, dankee!!
17.12.2017 04:47 pm
Season's greetings from Revolution Eve! We wish you and all of your friends and families a wonderful Christmas time. Diana Nagel, Simone Wenzel and Maria Kimberly Huehn were invited by Die Kammer to join them performing their song "Hither and Thither" unplugged. Enjoy!
04.12.2017 10:01 am
Hello ReVers!
Maria sat down with Lilo Hegt from HeadBangers LifeStyle to talk about Revolution Eve´s past, present and future. We hope you have fun reading the interview!
29.11.2017 08:46 am
Dear ReVers!
We had the honor to talk to Floh from Darc Arts about life and all the rest (german only, sorry).
That was a really funny interview....secrets revealed ....;-)

Have fun!
22.11.2017 08:25 am
Better late than never! Thank you so much for the warm welcome in Orschel! Also thanks to Ian and Isle of Lucy! A night to remember.
13.11.2017 09:46 am
Hello Revers!
Wanna know, what happens before a show? We can help you out! Have a look at one of our typical days. These are shots from our way to "Poppodium 013" in Tilburg/Neterlands.

And don´t forget! We will play "Oberursel" with the Allmighty @Isleoflucy this Friday! Doors is 7.30 p.m.!

PS: If the link below does not work use this one:
07.11.2017 09:47 am
Some Nice Shots from our Gig at Female Metal Event - FEMME this year. Thanks so much to Marleo Video for sharing with us. Enjoy! :-)
23.10.2017 01:21 pm
Hello ReVers!
We are happy to announce, that we will take part in the "Metal Forge Festival" @ "Das Bett" Frankfurt/Germany next year. Also joining us: the amazing April Art. More dates to be announced soon...stay tuned!
17.10.2017 05:48 pm
So here it is!
Revolution Eve Live Palladium, Cologne performing our song "Perfect Bitch". Wonderful memories supporting the mighty Evanescence.

#revolutioneve #evanecence #palladium #cologne #live
11.10.2017 05:06 pm
Be prepared!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
08.10.2017 10:54 am
Snippet: At Echo´s End // PandoraSnip
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