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Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 02 August 2016, 10:05
Nikke Blout (NIKnSTIX) Drum Solo: 'Top 5 Winner' HIT LIKE A GIRL 2012 Worldwide
Today: Some great drumming by our wonderful Mrs. Bloutje ;-)
Have fun!

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 15 July 2016, 10:20
Revolution Eve - Perfect B**ch (Official Studio Video)
Hey Revers!
Is there a better way to start the weekend than with a new Music Video from Revolution Eve? :-)
Here you go! "Perfect B**ch" from our wonderful Album "Pandora". Recorded during our session in the "Room of Boom" @ Kohlekeller Studios.
Have fun! :-)

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 29 June 2016, 12:41
Photos from Revolution Eve's post
Great Shots from our Gig @ "Goldene Krone". Thankx (c) go out to Oliver Haremsa and Jochen Reber!
Don´t forget to join us on Instagram (@revolutioneverocks)

#kemper #wornstar #gibson #espguitars #tronicaltune
Revolution Eve added 25 new photos — with Simone Wenzel and 3 others.

Revolution Eve Revolution Eve 27 June 2016, 21:38
Timeline Photos
Revolution Eve is now on Instagram! We just postet some great shots of our last Gig from (C) Jochen Reber & Oliver Haremsa. Get connected! (@revolutioneverocks)

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